A commercial motorcycle rider, Yusuf Hassan, who was arrested in Ogun State for setting ablaze the apartment of his ex-lover, Busayo Falola, has accused her of ab@rting a pregnancy. 

The suspect was arrested following a report lodged at the Ago Iwoye divisional headquarters by the 62-year-old landlady of the house, Adejoke Salau, who reported that she heard a noise from one of the apartments in her compound.

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When she came out, she discovered that the building was on fire while her tenants were trapped in there.

Speaking to the Nigerian Tribune, the suspect said that Busayo deprived him of an opportunity of being a father again as he was estranged from his only child.

“I had a son with a lady in 2003, but she left me 18 years ago when we could not be in agreement. For a while, we were communicating but I have not heard of my son for about 15 years,” he explained.

“I knew Busayo in October 2022. I picked her from Oru junction to her residence and we got talking on the way. We exchanged contacts and started dating. She told me of her past relationship and about her son. She told me of how she left her man who was always chasing her with cutlass whenever they had a clash because she was afraid of being killed.

“I took her to my parents but couldn’t meet with her family members because she is from Owode Egbado. We were in different religions but it was not causing any problem between us. The only thing she complained of was that I was into cigarette smoking and alcohol taking, telling me to quit. However, I told her that quitting them would be gradual as I had been used to them for about 20 years.

“In February, she told me she had missed her period. We decided to go for a test but I asked her to loan me N2,000 to do it.

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There was a woman who was like an aunty to both of us in the neighbourhood, and she used to intervene and counsel us whenever we disagreed. She borrowed us N1,500 while Busayo added N500. When the result was positive, I was so happy because I had been desirous of having another child”.

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