Abuse: Mr Ibu, wife, daughter reconcile

it seems peace has finally been restored in popular actor, John Okafor, aka Mr Ibu’s home.

Recall that the family had been in the news when Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris, claimed that he was having an affair with his adopted daughter, Jasmine. Maris also alleged that she was a victim of domestic violence.

However, in a video posted on social media on Saturday evening, the three could be seen in a hearty mood, laughing with one another.

In the video, Mr Ibu said, “Yesterday (Friday), my memory was not complete, but now, it is complete. Don’t mind my memory; it does not make sense. I want to thank my fans. May God bless them, keep them and grant them their heart desires.”

On her part, Stella Marris described Jasmine as her daughter. She said “Jasmine Chioma is my daughter and my husband’s daughter.”

However, the reconciliation has stirred mixed reactions from fans of Mr Ibu.

An Instagram user, @Stanbnx wrote, “This has to be the fastest reconciliation in Nigeria so far. I am happy for them.”

dumcee_ commented, “I don’t want to believe that all these stories were fabricated. But, who am I to question husband and wife palava? I come in peace.”

ami_potentialz wrote, “Why don’t I trust this Jasmine girl? Something doesn’t sit well.”

On her part, nenejones_esq said, “You see why it is advisable not to bring family issues to ‘socio medium’. You guys can settle in one minute; meanwhile, we the online in-laws would have started ‘beefing’ Jasmine for nothing.”

chiny_george wrote, “Online in-laws, well done. All I can see is a woman who’s scared of losing her husband. It is normal for her to be jealous and react. Imagine your husband leaving your house to go and live with an adopted daughter, who is not in any way related to him by blood. There is something fishy going on but because she is now in charge of his finances, everyone must answer to her. How can a young vibrant girl like this keep someone’s husband in her house? I know she is helping him with content creation and monetising his socials, and he is also happy doing those things. But, they can shoot content in his house and go home afterwards. They could also carry the wife along in everything, including funds. You (Jasmine) are the only one managing him, managing his funds, still carry him to your house, leaving his wife lonely and in the dark.”

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