Actress Wumi Toriola confirms her marriage is over.

Actress Wumi Toriola confirms her marriage I see over by explaining how her ex husband lie about her relationship with is own mother and  mother-in-law which is her husband family 

“There as been a lot of media attention on me lately regarding my marriage


Yes,it is true the marriage is over.we have gone out separate ways for over a year doesn’t work out,there was no need for drama hence my reason for not letting my fans know.

But yesterday I saw a report where it was alleged that I was violent while the marriage lasted,and I used to beat my mother and my was reported that my ex allegedly concocted this lie.

For the record,i am not a violent person.i have not had to exchange punches with anyone and I was never violent my marriage.

The most painful part of it is that,I used to beat my mother.This is not only personal attack,it is is against everything I stand for and believe,As a properly raised Yoruba lady.It is costly to lay your hands against your parent.As a matter of fact,my mother has been late for over 20 years.And I never raise my hand against my mother-in-law,it never happened,it will never happen.My family’s member,my ex family members and our neighbor can testify to that.

I wish those who started the rumor and those spreading well and pray that God reward everyone of us according to the work of our hands.

As for me,I am focused on the next level,and I have moved on from the past,I advise everyone to do the same.”



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