African country can’t competes with Tanzania when it comes to YouTube in terms of number

When it comes to YouTube in Africa, no other African country competes with Tanzania 🇹🇿 in terms of numbers! Not even Nigeria 🇳🇬 or South Africa 🇿🇦.

Tanzania has
— The top three most subscribed YouTube channels among African musicians:
—Diamond Platnumz – 7 million subscribers
—Ravanny – 4.4 million subscribers

—Tanzania has the most subscribed and viewed African artist on YouTube, Zuchu, who has achieved this feat in less than five years in the industry.

The key to their success on these platforms is largely attributed to the high quality of their music videos.

If you have ever visited their YouTube channel, you would understand why we don’t need to explain this further, like no one ok the east will here Diamond Platnumz dropped and not rush to go see a new dance step 😅.

Their talent and originality are evident. They don’t attempt to sing in English just to gain acceptance from the Western audience; instead, they stay true to their country’s language, and amazingly, their songs manage to trend internationally.

These guys are to be celebrated, they don’t trend on this space a lot because of the language difference but believe me, they do big things !!!

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