Angry youth vandalise bank in Ibadan (video)

Just as reported,angry youth destroy banks in Ibadan,just for them to enter,in other for them to collect their saving earned.

People react in the video about how banks put hands together and call security guide for them to chase people away,for them not to enter,this makes some men’s to gather themselves and fight against them.

In this viral video,youth complain about,how banks change and exchange money for those who can give them extra credit for exchanging money for them.

An old woman says about how she need money, for her children to go to school,also she make mention of how she close her shop down,because of cashless in the country.

People are struggling to enter the bank and some people exchange money so easily,because of some credit they make for them in exchange of money.

This country is a cashless and fuelless country nowadays.

Just as some people says,“if you like vote for who go make you suffer for another 4 years”

See the video below:



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