Cameroonian artists are the problems to themselves

Cameroonian artists are problem to their own self coz they have made everyone to understand that they are too cheap and any amount they pay them they will collect. 

Cameroonian artists should sometimes refuse to collect 200k for concerts and birthday parties. Because these are some of the things people consider them to be as cheap.

Cameroonians believe that the best place for Cameroonian artists to perform is only at a birthday party just because they have made everyone to understand that they are too cheap.

Coming to an endorsement deals, Cameroonian artists are best at signing deals worth 1 million in 10 years.

Artists need to know that before Companies comes for them for a deal they all have analyzed and know how much they will make and you as an artist you should not take the deal for granted coz the company will only end up using you cheaply.

I remember when an upcoming artist from Nigeria refuse to sign deals worth 10 million naira in five months and he was requesting 25 million. But comes to Cameroon artists are fighting to sign a deal of 1 million FCFA in 10 years.

Cameroonian artists need to grow up and make themselves big to everyone.

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