But more often than not, blockchain will give you a flash of cash. Stocks do get stuck. But in the vast majority of times, you experience a stroke of good fortune.

Real estate can depreciate. But it holds its value better than money in the bank.

Gold is risky to hold. But it has kept its intrinsic value since the time of Abraham better than any other long term asset.

Refusing to invest because there is risk is itself risky. Because you are growing old.

As you age, your ability to make money reduces. So, if you don’t invest in your youth, you will be infested with poverty in your old age when you can’t work.

That, my friend, is the biggest risk! Failure to invest in risky ventures now is an agreement to live in poverty later.

There are no two ways about it. Sacrifice present comfort or prepare for future discomfort.

You think you have time? If things are hard now that the world’s population is 7.7 billion, what will it be like when it hits 10 billion?

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