Omobolanride Akinyanju better known as Ashabi, a Nollywood actress and babymama of singer, Portable has revealed how in love she is with him.

The movie star, in an interview with Biola Bayo, opened up on their love story and how she was skeptical of having any commitment with him.

According to her, she didn’t want to date him because she was afraid they would fight and go their separate ways, which would leave her hurt. But Portable assured her of his plans to marry, though she didn’t believe relationships lead to marriages.

She further revealed that she was afraid of having any confrontation with his wife, but Portable made her know he doesn’t have only one wife, which made her calm.

Well, the rest became history between the two, and just weeks into the relationship, Ashabi stated that if Portable didn’t kiss her, she would cry.

“I always barb my hair, so that very day I was going to visit someone and was wearing a wig. People were plenty at the bus stop and I saw his car drive past, and people were screaming his name and I was like, see the person I am going to visit, he isn’t even home.

Surprisingly, he saw me and stopped his car, though it was filled with people, he told someone to get down and allow me to enter and started abusing me because of my wig.

At first, I didn’t want to date me, because I was scared that we would end up fighting and then break up and I would be the one hurt the most. And besides I do not believe relationships lead to marriage. He told me he wanted to marry me and said it wasn’t possible because we would fight, so let’s be friends.

Along the line, I said I don’t want Wahala because of his wife and he told me he doesn’t have one wife, so that eased things a bit.

I was waiting for when I would stop loving him, but less than a month after we started dating, if he didn’t kiss me, I would cry”.

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