Wizkid has reacted to the concerns he received from his fans and lovers following his appearance at an event.

reported that the Grammy singer had attended the UK premiere of “Bob Marley: One Love” in London, and videos that made rounds online showed the singer looking solemn.

Many expressed concern for him pointing out how he looks dry, old, and soulless. Some stated that the singer is yet to get over the death of his beloved mother.

Reacting to it, Wizkid revealed that since his mother died, he has lost himself. He however expressed hope that someday he would feel himself again. Describing it as the life of a soldier, he stated that till then, he will slap anyone who doesn’t stay far from him.

In a message to his fans, he told them not to complain when they see him back on his feet.

“Look in the mirror don’t feel myself. Mama left me and I lost myself.

Can’t wait to feel myself again! Life of a soldier! Military with it!

Until then I dey slap away for free so leave me

And I’m thankful y’all going through this phase with me. U seen me at my lowest now. When u see me back on my high no complain.


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