Confusion has secondary school student,shows their iPhones during school hour.(video)

Nigeria secondary school student,show off their iPhones in school premises,without any teacher stopping them,for bring phones to school.

Those student are in senior secondary school 1,their friends,work to them,and ask them to shows their phone,and mention the name.

Netizen react on this,says:

*where did those student get,that kind of money,or is it their parent or who did that for them, and allow them to bring it to school premises.

*will they,even focus on lectures,they will be busy pressing phones.

*how is this possible,for them,without any teacher notice,or the school gives them permission and allow them to bring it to school.

*hope their teacher sef,dey use car,because they will kill them one day with this kind wahala of them.

Watch video below:


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