Iyabo says she doesn’t do FAKE ALERTS but you get paid to keep people in prison. Ibiyeomie’s spiritual son Late Billionaire and Bayelsa governorship candidate Kenebie Okoko paid you not to come to court throughout the Ibiyeomie case lying to the judge you were filming in Australia 🇦🇺 meaning the case was always adjourned to 4 weeks and I returned to my cell. I ended up 6 mos in prison in 3 separate arrests.

See how Kenebie died? A disgraceful liposuction death all over the internet taken by his side chick to a failed US doctor operating a shabby clinic in Lekki. The Rivers Attorney General who told the judge I was not a journalist or blogger but an evil woman who hates men of God and the prison armed squad guy also died mysteriously. I wonder who’s next?

Iyabo who has no film 🎥 in 100 yrs while her colleagues Funke, Toyin and Mercy are raking in billions of Naira. I NEVER got over Port Harcourt prison. It forever ruined my career.

God will punish you and your children for what my son Rich KJT went through. “Sad Christmas”and “Money on my mind” were written because of you.

Unblock me on IG so I can blast you well well for setting up Lizzy. Iyabo Obo Hushberry. Hope you’ve seen your name in Woodberry’s list (Batch 1)

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