Joseph Aloba, the father of late award-winning singer, Mohbad has recounted the circumstances surrounding his son’s death.

The singer’s father had made an appearance as a guest of the Brekete Family show, where he reiterated that he met his son already embalmed with a soak cloth in his house.

According to him, his late son was already embalmed before he was informed of his death and when he got to the house, he met his son’s lifeless body under the staircase.

“I received a call from Mohbad’s mother at 4 p.m. She said our son is sick and I should come immediately. She said he was already well and we should go back home. As an eldérly person and as a father, based on what he has been hearing, I told his mother that he was already dead. For over 10 minutes his mother held me tightly, and I told her it was what he got that had killed him.

I said let’s go back home and when we got there, it was already 10 pm. When I got there, people were already plenty. I just entered his house and went straight to the room where we always meet, but when I got there, I saw a bedsheet that had already been soaked in blood.

When I saw his body, which was already under the staircase, I saw that he was already embalmed in a local way”.

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