Female members of a family, have reportedly abstained from having sex with their husbands after being allegedly haunted by the vengeful spirit of a late relative. 

Local publications reported that the spirit claims to have been deprived of conjugal rights in life and has cast a dark cloud over the Mahlupeko sisters’ relationships, resulting in many broken marriages.

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The issue came to light after the family sought the assistance of Chief Ndima’s court to help them understand and resolve the issue.


During a session at the court, it was revealed that the Mahlupeko sisters and their daughters experience inexplicable blockages of their private parts whenever they attempt to engage in bedroom activities with their partners. It is believed that the vengeful spirit of their late family member, Dakarai Mahoso, has been giving the family sleepless nights.


It was alleged that Mahoso’s spirit said his widow, Gogo Nyeperai Mahlupeko (currently 87 years old), denied him his conjugal rights while he was still alive. Consequently, he passed away feeling resentful and s£xually unsatisfied.


John Mahlupeko, Gogo Mahlupeko’s brother, who commented on the distressing situation, said his married daughters and granddaughters have been grappling with the aftermath of the avenging spirit’s actions for several years now, with intimacy becoming an arduous issue to navigate.


He also said those who are not yet married are struggling to find suitable partners. John further disclosed that what they initially believed to be a medical issue, turned out to be spiritual, with the late husband of his sister being the cause. It was uncovered after they sought help from prophets and traditional healers.

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John said; 

“All this while, we did not know that my sister’s late husband was behind this. While some family members thought that it was a medical condition, others knew that it was spiritual. The ones that are not married yet are struggling to find husbands while the married ones are struggling with the issue of intimacy.”

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