Former Zambian footballer,was killed by His two evil dogs.

In this viral video of former Zambian footballer which was mauled to death.

People talk about how his neighbors are watching him to death without assisting him before he was killed by his dog,also some of commenters makes mention  of how people’s train their Dogs in other to secure them from unknown people.

Furthermore,some people talk behind this post that maybe,it is because he train them with blood meat,and he can’t avoid their food any more.

“Train your Dog the way you can control him forever.”

check the video below:


This came to our hearing that some dogs are train to bite while some are train to secure with no injuries.

In this viral video,people shouting behind the house with no helps,making video of how the man was been killed by his two evil dogs,without showing a way of rescuing him.

Note:Beware of dogs they are from lions family,and also

If you want to hire or you are a dog lover know the way you are going to train them,in other for them not to put a fight back to you.

No matter how good and trust you may had trained the dogs . Animals are Animals for life let this be a lesson to all of us.

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