Ghanaian singer Black Sheriff reportedly signed 85% of his music royalties to Nigerian branch artist record label Empire in a contract expected to last for 15 years

According to trending reports online, Black Sheriff, who has gained significant attention, desires to become independent and establish his own record label. However, he is currently bound by a 15-year record label deal he signed with Empire one year ago before his breakthrough.

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A document believed to be Black Sheriff’s contract with Empire reveals that the music label will receive 75% of the revenue generated from the marketing of Black Sheriff’s projects, while 10% will go to Black Sheriff’s Ghana-based label, leaving the artist with a mere 15%, which many consider unfair.

As per the contract agreement, Black Sheriff is obligated to produce 7 EPs within the next 15 years, all of which will be marketed by Empire. An initial advance payment of $30,000 was expected to be made upon signing the contract, with the remaining balance relying on Black Sheriff’s 15% share of the revenue along the way.

This situation is undoubtedly disadvantageous for the Ghanaian star. Unfortunately, many upcoming artists unknowingly subject themselves to similar arrangements in their pursuit of popularity. They produce music only to be exploited by these influential record labels.

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