Tik tok sensation, Ahuofe Abrantie, popularly called Ghanaian Tupac is dead.

Ahoufe reportedly died in his apartment situated at Kumasi on Thursday.

Rapper, Jay Bhad of Asakaa Boys’ fame shared a video of Ahuofe jamming to one of his songs on Twitter with a caption about how life is short.

TV3 Ghana also confirmed the death of the Tik Tok sensation with his video and a cryptic caption that read, “Popular Ghanaian Tik Toker, Ahuofe reportedly dead.”

Ahuofe burst onto the stage as a TikToker some months ago and got many people loving him.

His videos are always mimicking the personality of the late American rapper, Tupac Amaru Shakur.

He often dressed like a ‘gangster’ and has been able to amass an impressive 3.9 million followers and over 39.8 million views on his Tik Tok’s 217 videos.

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