Give us Mohbad for a befitting burial, we are tired of your carelessness and slowness” Tonto Dikeh calls out the Nigerian Police

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has once again called out the Nigerian police over the late singer, Ileriouluwa Oladimeji better known as Mohbad.

Calling for them to release the singer’s body for burial, the movie star expressed how exhausted she is over their tiredness and carelessness.

She stated that if one speaks up, she will as she has invested too much of her emotions, time, and love not to see this justice go through.

She noted how she, as well as other lovers of Mohbad, have given the Nigerian police time as she made them know that his case isn’t one to be swept under the rug.

“Give us Mohbad for a befitting burial. We are tired of your carelessness and slowness. If no one speaks I will, I have invested too much of my emotions, my time, and my love to see this justice go through. Like QM says give the police more time. Honestly, we have given you all the more time than necessary. This is not the case to be swept under.

We want Justice”.

Giving an update on the singer’s death, Dikeh conveyed a deeply emotional message to Mohbad’s supporters, explaining that she, along with others, had done her part, and now it was the Nigerian police’s turn to deliver justice.

She assured everyone that she has been collaborating closely with the authorities and remains optimistic that justice for Mohbad will be achieved.

Last month, Tonto penned an emotional note to Mohbad, stating that the hearts of many are still very sore from his death. The mother of one revealed that she danced to his songs and cried a little bit, but this time, it wasn’t from pain but from his light that would liberate all.

Expressing her love for him, she promised him that in the coming days, he would be able to rest in peace as she would ensure he gets justice.

More recently, Tonto had berated Mohbad’s father over his careless speaking, after he exposed his son’s late wife.

She stated that it was hard for her to love or even support him, as she questioned why he couldn’t give his information to the authorities rather than speaking online.

The philanthropist noted how his actions ended up humiliating their efforts to demand justice for the late singer.

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