“I am a baboo, I live in the zoo, they call me Zazuu.”(video)

Have you ever resisted arrest? Well, Portable, a Nigerian singer, certainly has, and he did not go down without a fight! In a viral video, the singer is seen challenging the police officers who were attempting to arrest him.

In the video, Portable can be seen resisting the officers, who try to forcefully take him away.

He can be heard shouting and demanding that they explain why they were trying to arrest him.

The whole incident caused quite a stir on social media, with many people expressing their shock and disbelief.

While the reason for them wanting to arrest him is still unclear, it’s evident that Portable was not going to make it easy for the police.

The singer has gained quite a following for his unique style of music, and this incident has only served to increase his popularity.

Watch video below:


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