Nigerian actress, Mary Remmy-Njoku’s husband, Jason Njoku, has recounted an unpleasant experience he and his wife encountered with Immigration officers in Europe.

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The Iroko TV boss stated that he can never live in Europe again in reaction to the story shared by Sports journalist, Oma Akatugba, after witnessing racial profiling in Italy.

Akatugba had written about how the officials at Milan Linate airport stopped only black folks for interrogation.

He wrote:


At the Milan Linate Airport, I passed security checks, as I walked towards the gates, two police men stationed in front of the security check stopped a black man dressed in a Senegalese kaftan.

As I approach them, I see two other police men take him into their office. I get to them and they stopped me. He all asked for passport, I don’t have it with me here.l, I responded. Ok your ID he asked. I brought out my ID and he asked where I live, Germany I responded and he asked again, how much do you have on you? Weird question but I answered with I am broke, I don’t have 1 cent. I immediately said I am a football journalist, I came here for Inter VS Benfica, I pulled out my phone and showed him a video of @AndreyOnana and I and he went oh nice And handed me my Id and asked who I think would win the champions league. I said Manchester City and he said bye. I moved a bit away but stood to see the next person they would stop.

Low and behold it was a black lady, while others were passing. They interrogated her and she left Before she left, they showed her something on their phone. So I wondered if they were looking for a black person. I accosted her and asked her what they asked her. Before she responded, I said, do you know they are stopping only black people? She said yes, this happens a lot in Italy. It’s really sad.

I am surprised because I don’t see this that much in Germany. I see them stop both black and white and not based on colour. That’s what happens here a lot she said and I waved her goodbye. Italy generally still has terrible racism issues. It’s bad!!”

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Reacting to Akatugba’s tweets, Jason shared the ‘unpleasant’ experience he and his wife, Mary, had in Venice sometime in March.

He said:

‘’@MrsMaryNjoku & I flew to Venice in March. Immigration asked for our return tix. Not how long are we staying o? But can they see our return tix? We burst out laughing. Immigration was 🤬. Said it’s a ‘normal question’. Gave them our 1st class boarding tix, and asked them do we look like people here to hustle? We’re staying at St Regis &are here for 3 nights. They let us through. No need for showing any tix again. Walahi I personally can NEVER live in Europe again. We just need a strong 🇳🇬. But we all know it’s increasingly getting worst.”

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