I carry a Nigeria Passport not a Yoruba Passport – Media Personality Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori ( Kiekie)

I carry a Nigeria Passport not a Yoruba Passport

For those of you that still think school is a scam,I hope you’re wiser now.

Education is not limited to 2+2=4.

it’s all about building your ability to think and reason.

If reasoning is present in an human’s faculty,then you’ll be able to spot the difference between a nation and a region!!

I carry a Nigerian Passport not a Yoruba Passport!!!.. “She said”

This has make neitzen panic to reply her.

Check some comment below:

@Aurthur Joshua:Well some educated people are guilty… Let’s just say it’s the way people are wired or just want to believe. It’s just pure ‘Ignorance’

@David otakhina:This is the type of yoruba person that will speak and you will always like to listen not those tribalistic bigoted

@Miles signs:I agree 100 … let’s just leave it like that cos I have never seen anyone asides my region vote for my kinsmen … yet we all carry a Nigerian passport…

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