“I for Don Born All of Them”: Small-sized Actor Big Bash Reacts As Street Kids Tag Him As a 15-Year-Old

Small-sized actor Big Bash had a swell time with some kids on the street trying to guess his age The actor was in a car and while the kids guessed his age, he pointed out that if he had been promiscuous when he was younger, he would have given birth to them The actor ended up giving the boys some change after he made sure to let them know he is as old as all their ages put together

Papa Ajasco actor Big Bash had a swell time talking to some kids while stuck in traffic. The boys couldn’t believe that the small-sized actor isn’t their age mate, and they took turns guessing how old he is.


A thoroughly amused Big Bash noted that if he had been allowed to tow the path of promiscuity, he would have had all the boys making fun of him as his children.

The actor collected money from someone who had fun laughing at the exchange and handed it to one of the boys who seemed older than the rest.

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