I was betrayed – Man who bathed and drank gutter water to celebrate Buhari’s victory in 2019 dumps APC for PDP in Bauchi.

Aliyu Mohammed Sani, a resident of Bauchi, switched from the All Progressive Congress (APC) to the Peoples Democratic Party in celebration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s reelection in 2019. (PDP)


This was said by the 38-year-old Aliyu, also known as “Ali Gayu Na Baba,” to reporters in Bauchi.


He claimed that his choice was motivated by his frustration with and abandonment by the APC.


He claimed that after his actions in 2019 to celebrate the APC’s victory at the national level, no one in the ruling party had any concern for him.


He added that a PDP member named Alhaji Musa Azare had flown in from Abuja to express concern and care for him, which he claimed had won him over.


According to Sani, “He (Azare) was happy to have come and met me in good condition because there were speculations that I died as a result of drinking from the gutter. But after confirming that I am fine, he even gave me a token.


“The reason I dumped the APC is, despite the wide spread reports of my action then in the media, they didn’t care about me.”


He said that despite continuing with his tailoring job, he did not seek monetary reward from the ruling party but to be empowered on his job, saying he had about about 20 youths working under him.


“I told the APC that my major concern is not to get money from them but to empower me through my skill,” he said.

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