Ilebaye, the winner of the Big Brother Naija All-Stars, is not one to back down from her critics and trolls. In a recent display of defiance, she took to Snapchat to share a video that’s causing quite a stir.

The clip features her nonchalantly using a dollar bill as a tissue to dab her eyes, a symbolic gesture suggesting she’s wiping away her tears with money. This act is seen as a direct message to her detractors, underscoring her financial success post-show.

This provocative video follows Ilebaye open statement to her fellow housemates, where she reaffirmed her status as the sole winner of the BBN All-Stars. This statement is widely interpreted as a shade towards her co-participants, particularly those who have been vocal in their criticism and trolling of her.

Ilebaye‘s actions and words strongly suggest that she’s unbothered by the ongoing chatter. Her message is clear: while others are busy talking, she’s focused on ‘cashing out’ and enjoying the fruits of her victory. This sentiment echoes her confidence in her achievements and her financial standing post-BBNaija.

The discussion around Ilebaye win has been hot with speculation. Many have argued that her victory was a result of playing the ‘victim card,’ a strategy to gain sympathy from viewers and fellow contestants. However, she has consistently refuted these claims. In a revealing interview, she expressed her belief that her win was not due to any strategic gameplay but was simply her time, ordained by fate and divine timing.

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