In less than a year, Berri Tiga’s Instagram account has been verified, and he now has over 336k followers.

He even bought a car worth 30 million Naira and landed an endorsement deal worth 20 million. Additionally, his song entered number one on Apple Music Nigeria.


All of this success didn’t just happen by chance. Berri Tiga and Carter Efe employed various strategies that helped them achieve this level of success.


They pulled a stunt that got the entire media talking, and they passionately promoted their song, leveraging their colleagues and other influencers.


The music business is truly good, especially when you understand how it works. With music, nothing happens by chance.

You have to work hard, pull the right strings, and boom, things go viral. So, no matter how talented you are, you need to work extra hard, find different strategies to push your music, and invest in promotion.



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