In a shocking turn of events, social media has been set ablaze with the recent outburst of IsraelDMW, directed at his estranged wife, Sheila Courage.

Taking to his Instagram story, IsraelDMW unleashed a torrent of curses and accusations against Sheila, marking a new low in their public fallout.

IsraelDMW, in a series of heated posts, declared that any man approaching Sheila would face an untimely demise, unless he hadn’t completed the “bride price.” He asserted that his Edo heritage empowered these curses

His rant didn’t stop there. He lashed out at her culinary skills, calling her cooking “total rubbish,” and criticized her for being dirty and disrespectful. Interestingly, he admitted that Sheila was exceptionally skilled in makeup, though he accused her of being a habitual liar.

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