It’s high time Carter Efe stops looking for his validation coz he will only be hurting himself by doing that.

Carter Efe has always been a Wizkid fan from day 1. He didn’t just come out of nowhere to release “Machala” ! He has been idolizing Wizkid for the longest time even before he blew up. He sacrificed his time and money, released a song dedicated to his Wizkid but Wizkid snubbed it.
Not like the song wasn’t good, as a matter of fact the song was a hit! Went 1 on Apple Music Nigeria and even penetrated the US Billboard Afrobeats chart yet, Wizkid didn’t show the slightest sign of appreciation!

Few hours ago, Wizkid sent 20 Million Naira to a hypeman simply because the hype man praised him in a song…. This is so much injustice & a massive shade to Carter Efe.

Well, this should teach y’all an important life lesson. In this life, not everyone you love will love you back. When you find out people don’t appreciate your love, try your best to move on from them coz you will only be hurting yourself by desperately trying to win their love and validation.

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