I’ve gone under the knife 3 times, I’m rich” Bobrisky reveals why he’s different from Jayboogie

This time, it’s his fiery response to the backlash he faced for defending Jayboogie, another transgender individual, who recently experienced severe medical complications following a BBL surgery.

The drama unfolded when Jayboogie,suffered from a failed BBL surgery. This unfortunate incident led to kidney complications for Jayboogie, and recent reports from various news and Instagram sources indicate that he now urgently requires a kidney transplant.

The situation has sparked a wave of reactions across social media, with many drawing parallels between Jayboogie’s experience and Bobrisky’s well-documented history with cosmetic surgeries.

Bobrisky, never one to shy away from controversy, took to social media to address those who have been criticizing him. He noted that while he has seen comments suggesting he might soon face a similar fate as Jayboogie, he vehemently dismissed such predictions. In his response, Bobrisky emphasized the high standard of care he receives, stating that he does not patronize “Olodo doctors” for his surgeries. He proudly asserted that he only visits the best surgeons, a choice he attributes to his other name, “Luxury.”

Further elaborating on his stance, Bobrisky highlighted his affluent lifestyle. He confidently declared that he has undergone surgery three times, underscoring his financial capability to afford such procedures. In a direct contrast to Jayboogie, who is currently seeking financial assistance for his kidney transplant, Bobrisky made it clear that he does not need the funds of Nigerians for his medical expenses.

Bobrisky also took the opportunity to showcase his wealth, stating that he owns multiple properties in Lekki, which is considered one of the most prestigious locations in Lagos.

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