Kenya’s Education Minister, Ezekiel Machogu, has banned early morning and late evening studies in all schools across the country.

The minister has directed that classes in both private and public primary schools should be held between 08:00 and 15:45 to ensure learning takes place within the designated times.

“The syllabus should be covered within the stipulated time. Let us not subject pupils to unnecessary mental torture,” he added. Machogu said he had noticed a trend where school buses pick children up as early as 05:00 and drop them off as late as 20:00.

Is this the same case in your country, where school kids leave home as early as 05:00 and come back home as late as 20:00.

This post makes citizens expose their feelings or views about Africa:

In a country where there’s need for more work to be done, I don’t think this is the right step by the education minister.

I’ve commented about this issue before. Education system/process isn’t only about learning with books; able-aged students need to learn dedication, resilience and time management before they become adults.

They must learn to wake up early enough to accommodate the infrastructural challanges and needs(gaps) that their society has.

This directive by the minister will produce more lazy students who may not cope up with work(labour force) in the near future.

According to me, what he’s done can be equated to justifying mental poverty; which will lead to physical poverty of a generation. It’s not good.

We have a country/continent to build and everyone must participate and sacrifice something.

DW Africa you need to be objective when looking at this issue. Some children in Africa travel long distances to school..

With poor infrastructure, inefficient transportation system and other factors; these children need to be prepared for school earlier than those in Europe and USA.

School time includes time for extracurricular activities such as sports and creatives. If you reduce their schooling time, you’re affecting their future.

Africa needs to solve its problems, not to court them or beg for pitty …

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