Leadership mistake of Peter Obi at Soludo’s one year stewardship anniversary.

I have observed that Nigerians are just too emotional correct erring leaders.

It was from from John Maxwell’s the number 1 leadership consulting in the world that I learnt it’s wrong for a leader to go late for an engagement, it’s more wrong to go to an event where you have more influence that the host.

The simple reason is, when you go late, you will steal the shine, disrupt the meeting and would have succeeded in modeling a vice in those who believe in you.

A few years after reading about this concept, I was at a meeting where Dr Sam Adeyemi was supposed to be in attendance, because he was late, he didn’t bother to come in, he waited in his car, as soon as he knew eyes won’t be on you, he breezed in and say hi to the host’s wife. That act became indelible on my heart to this day.

So, when I saw Peter Obi, walk in when the governor was addressing the audience, behaving as though nothing happened, I was pained. Pained because, normally, protocol doesn’t allow people to move about when the governor is making an important address, he came in late, broke protocol and still went around greeting – that’s is leadership misnomer

His reasons for doing what he did isn’t important, we are to love those who don’t even respect us. He might want to show him that he has more influence – the question is, is it necessary? That attitude was a slap on the face of the sitting governor and it’s wrong.

Please don’t emulate such attitude. Be loving instead, don’t ever steal anyone’s shine. Don’t

forget that what goes around comes around

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