”Manchester United celebration,after their winning against man city“(picture)

Man united fans celebrate 🎉on their winning against Manchester city.

A big team in top 2,got beaten by top team in place 4.

In a live stream chat table,man united have move to place 3rd in the table.

This makes some fans says:we are better and okay without C.ronaldo.

Some fans speak out about Arsenal club,that they should not be happy because of winning against man city,because man united is coming for them as well by next weekend just like the same has man city.

Read their comments below:

•arsenal should not think we have done them a favour. We are coming for them next weekend. We will teach them some manners!

•This team is more dangerous than electricity 😂we want Real Madrid combined with arsenal + FC Barcelona and some 2 guys from PSG

•Man U is winning, but Arsenal fans are more happier. 🤣

•I used to hear “Old Trafford shall rise again”

But now I’m seeing it 😤

One of the Arsenal club fans make a comment and speaks about how man united was before their well good doing.

Check below:

•I remember when Man United lost  because their defenders were Young, Small, and Blind… anyway GGMU��


furthermore,the coach must to be praise for all the good word,also as well as Rashford on his movement about the second goal to win against man city

check some pictures below:


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