My husband cheated on me with 11 girls,then i forgave him,then i mistakingly do Four sum,but he ask me to leave – Lady share how she is battling with her family issue

An unannounced lady explain how her family issue has raised up,because of cheating issue.

She explain how her husband cheated with 11 girls with in 4 years range, she explain how she forgave her husband so quickly just for things to get settle down and let peace reign in her family.

Also the lady make an inclusive words in her statement,that she went to a getaway party with her friends and met some guys during the party,the things get out of hands,she do things in her own way,by sharing affair with those guys..she explain how they perform their job in 4 sum way..

Read about her message and share us your thoughts on this,at the comment section..

Also check others reactions after the lady statement..

The lady says:

My husband cheated on me 11 times in the past 4years and I forgave him.Ywo weekends ago my girls and I went on a weekend getaway and things got out of hand,we met guys there and got intimate. My one friend and I did a 4-sum with 2 guys we don’t know. So my friend and I were talking about it on WhatsApp and I forget to delete the chats.My husband saw the chats and he assaulted me.i moved out of our bedroom since that day. I’ve been called to three family meetings so far. He’s threatening to leave. I don’t understand why because I forgave him when he cheated with 11 girls,including my cousin.why is the other gender unfair.

Pls your advise is needed here what do I do”


See reactions below:

Wrighteous says:Lol, she is not the one paying the bill but she want equality… lolz I guys she as been doing it for a long time even before she caught her man cheating… she as always been a baddie but doesn’t have anything use against her husband till he cheated

SugarMan says:Do your own back 11 times and if he doesn’t forgive you, pack out of his house to go meet anynof those guys you met outside.

Ayo Deji says:Ur husband no do the 11 at once …

Na one after the other 

Buh you do 2 at once o baad 


Imperial Presh says: You forgiving your husband for cheating 11 times easily means you yourself you’re a cheater also. 👍👍

No come dey dey find nonsense opinion

Ballvic says: Omo God go help the two of them oo

One cheat with 11 different ladies you do 4sum with two different men wey u no know. Una matter na Elon Musk go solve am for mars oo

Vawulencia says: I will pick the advice from where you stop. Maybe because you didn’t complete it 11. Go and make it 11 first, then come back here for advice if he still threatening to leave. Make sure you sleep with one of his cousins also. You’re welcome.😑

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