Netizens Share Experiences with ‘Agbero’ In Onitsha.

In present times, the term ‘Agbero’ is used colloquially to describe thugs who patrol Nigerian motor parks collecting rates, fees, tools, and other types of taxes.


Tweeps have shared their experiences and lamented the high ‘agbero’ rate in Onitsha, Anambra State.


A tweep, jibson_exchange, recalled her experience with them during her service year saying, “That Onitsha was something else. I could recall during my NYSC days in Abia state. I boarded a motor to Onitsha with the hope of getting Akure motor straight from there. To cut the story short enroute Akure park, those stupid Agbero pick-pocket me.”


Another tweep, Princess Adenormo Esther (Taiwo) wrote, “You can’t separate Onitsha agbero from IPOB terrorist they are one in spirit body and soul.”


“ Lagos Agbero dey learn from Onitsha & Aba agberos. Don’t let them bobo you like say naaa only Lagos Agbero dey”, a tweep, Korede, commented comparing ‘agbero’ in Onitsha to Lagos


Alain Shonibare OBE said, “ Onitsha is the capital of Agbero in Nigeria. Go and Verify.”


Recounting his worst experience, a tweep, Aficionado, wrote, “ Agbero is bad but I know it’s a problem that exists in many states. I have had my worst agbero experience in Onitsha. Making it about Lagos alone is a flawed argument.”


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