Newly out of jail singer, Seun Kuti, has revealed how Tunde Ednut can’t dare to hate him

Tunde Ednut can’t dare to hate me – Seun Kuti

According to the youngest son of late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, he paid Ednut for 10 blog posts, but Tunde has only carried out one.

He said he heard a lot of people saying the musician turned blogger hates him when he got out of jail, and Seun has now summarized why the hate exists.

According to the singer, it is simply because Ednut is owing him for the rest of the posts he is yet to carry out.

Seun during an Instagram live session yesterday said;

“I hear everybody saying Tunde did not like me. Tunde actually is the only blogger I talk to in Nigeria and also has my number. And did you know why he wants me to go to jail?Because Tunde is owing me money.

“He was supposed to do 10 posts for me since two years ago but he did only one, and he knew that my new project will soon be out. He must do that post. In fact it has increased to twenty posts. So because of those nine posts he wants to do me what Sacoche did to Gaddafi.”

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