No need for transplant” Healthcare debunks rumors of Jayboogie needing a kidney transplant

The recent controversy surrounding Jayboogie’s failed Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery has taken a new turn. CGE Healthcare, the facility responsible for his care, has issued a clarifying statement in response to rampant speculations and rumors. Amidst claims that Jayboogie was in critical need of a kidney transplant due to complications from the surgery, the healthcare provider has provided a different perspective.

According to documents released by CGE Healthcare, Jayboogie’s condition, while serious, has not escalated to the point of requiring a kidney transplant. The facility acknowledged that Jayboogie is indeed experiencing kidney complications, but these are currently being managed without the need for such drastic measures.

CGE Healthcare detailed that initially, Jayboogie’s recovery seemed smooth. However, a concerning decline in urine production necessitated urgent medical attention, leading to consultations with a nephrologist and subsequent referral to another clinic. They noted that despite their recommendations, financial constraints and Jayboogie’s frantic behavior influenced the decision to transfer him to another hospital.

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