Nollywood actor, Kanayo Kanayo has left many of his fans talking with his prayers for his son which cause stirs reactions (watch video)

The veteran’s son has gained admission to a University in America and as he prepares to leave the country, his proud dad said a powerful word of prayer for him.

Taking to his Instagram page to share a video of him praying for his son, Kanayo in his prayer point had prayed for his son to retain his sexuality.

With the level at which many males are becoming transgender and crossdressers, it’s not surprising to see the actor protecting his offspring.

To add to his list of prayer points, Kanayo prayed for his son to focus on his book and not tattoos and for him not to depart from his upbringing.

“America will be proud of you. Your achievements will cause America to celebrate you. You will imbibe the good of the land and eat the good therefore. You will continue to be a HE from Ezinihitte Mbaise in Nigeria. Your focus shall be on your books and job NOT ON TATTOOS. May you never depart from your upbringing. Do not forget God. You shall ever remain on God’s Radar and GPS. Good luck boy”.

aking to his comment section, his fans laughed at his prayer points.

One Switb wrote, “Sorry but I need to laugh which is you will be a he. From his mouth to God’s ears

One Chiegbo wrote, “The focus shall be on your books and Job not on tattoos got me

One King Stanbell wrote, “You shall continue to be a HE

One Patrick Oche wrote, “Them dey add transgender for prayer point these days. E reach

One Chi Nonye wrote, “You will continue to be a HE. Lol. You know what’s up before he changes his name to Linda, Maria, Rose lmao

One Eselu Chief wrote, “Iseeee!!! Emphasis on continue to be a HE. Very important, before mpa gi ejiri gi me sacrifice

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