Reason why Veteran Actor Abija is Not Coming Out To Beg For Help Online

Fans Question Veteran Actor Abija Reason why is Not Coming Out To Beg For Help Online Despite Living In This Kind Of House and No Car

A video trending on social has stir reaction as people keep asking why Abija is not coming out to ask for help like other veteran actor.

Tajudeen Oyewole does not have a car as he his living a very low life and he has never come online before to seek for help or what so ever.

From the information gather Abija leaving in a environment which most of the celebrities can’t live in, he does not have car despite is low standard of living he still have never come online to beg for help…so why

there is a lack of specific information regarding the current whereabouts or recent activities of Tajudeen Oyewole, who is popularly known as Abija. It’s possible that there may be limited or no recent updates about his current status or ongoing endeavors available on the internet. It’s important to acknowledge that information can evolve and change over time.

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