Remind my kids how much I love them” Tonto Dikeh shares her wishes after death

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has shared her after-death wish online with her over seven million followers.

The mother of one revealed what she expects her friends and loved ones to do whenever they see her kids after her death.

The former Rivers gubernatorial candidate shared the information on her Instagram story. Although the message was captioned from an online post.

Tonto Dikeh urged them always to remind her children how much she loves them and how she would do anything to see them happy.

“If I pass away unexpectedly, remind my kids every time you see them how much I love them and how I would do anything in this world for them. This is all I want.”

Tonto Dikeh excited as she wakes up to her palms and under her feet itching her

Recall that Tonto Dikeh expressed excitement about her future blessings when she revealed that she woke up with itches in her palms and under her feet.

The mother of one claimed her village translated her ordeal to mean an abundance of wealth coming for her.

Tonto further revealed that she has been uncontrollably happy for months, and unlike before, she isn’t afraid to own happiness.

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