Reno Omokri explain how Michael Jackson album so Phenomenally successful

“The reason Michael Jackson’s albums were so phenomenally successful is because he perfected the strategy of using absence to build anticipation.

He would stay out of the public eye for years. No interviews, no tours, no sightings.

Then when the anticipation has reached fever pitch, boom, he releases an album! When you notice that people start taking you for granted and disrespecting you, it is likely because you have made yourself too present for them.

Napoleon Bonaparte said, “If I am often seen at the theatre, people will cease to notice me”.

Use absence more than you use presence. Long time no see is better than ‘Oh, it’s you again’.

Be conscious of where you go. People treat friends and family like they treat money.

The more they see money, the less they value it. The less they see moolah, the more they value it!” Says

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