Sandra Iheuwa, the baby mama of Ubi Franklin and the ex-wife of Steve Thompson, has entered her soft girl era and is letting the public know.

The mother of four, who has kids for three different men, spoke out on her series of breakups stating that it is a good feeling when a man spoils a woman rotten. However, if he starts misbehaving, the lady should move on to the next.

Sending a message to her haters, she told them to choke on it, while adding that she never experienced a soft girl era because she had her first kid a a young age.

She revealed that she is done having kids and would only focus on making money and spending her future man’s money too.

“I’m in my soft girl era something I never experienced cos I had my first kid at 22 years old. No more kids just living my life making money and spending his money too. There’s that hold feeling when a man spoils you rotten if he starts misbehaving move on to the NEXT!!! Choke it”.

This is the coming hours after Sandra had taken to her Instastory to give an insight into her love life.

Sandra in her post, stated that she’s being approached by men all the time, including billionaires. She also urged other single mothers to never limit themselves as things will fall into place eventually.

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