Sergio Ramos kill player as a defender

3 years ago today, Federico Valverde took out this killer tackle to stop Alvaro Morata who was spinning alone in front of goal. Real Madrid then won the Spanish Super Cup.

Valverde on that famous tactical foul:

“I was running after Morata as fast as I could. At one point, I heard a voice in the distance saying “KILL HIM”

“It was Sergio Ramos”

Ramos is the author of tactical tackle and this have saved me from humiliation countless times… Respect 🙏🙏to that fearless defender!

I was really happy that very day with that tackle infarct he really saved us from humiliation…Valverde is an extra Ordinary player💪✊

same thing Ramos did to sallah in ucl 2018. If he didnt hurt him sallah, Real Madrid would have lost. Tactical fouls are sometimes necessary.

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