Seyi vibes album has been listed in top 10 in US apple(check the photo)

A rise up artiste,without no support,his new album reach top 10 in US apple,this US apple makes some people to drop out from been an artiste.

Also,seyi vibes is an humble man,he greet Burna boy,as if he is his old man,just to respect him and to perform in his show.

Burna boy x Buju knows,all seyi vibes song from head to toe.

This makes fans to show up and celebrate the new successor,about the album

Furthermore, people speaks about how the song will go viral in this year 2023

A new shoutout to seyi vibes“been listed as top 10 on US apple is not easy”

A big congratulations to him

Fans:the song is moving to top 1


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