Singer Paul Okoye writes about one of the many needs of men

Singer Paul Okoye (iamkingrudy) posted on his Instagram story:“For men..sometimes is not all about all that matters!!”

Reaction as fans reply:

“Every man no matter his height, financial status and location craves for Royalty and Respect.

The Royalty and Respect are expected mostly from the female gender (Wife).

A man can endure certain things but not disrespect from the Wife.

Having submitted above; a man that craves for Respect and want to be Respected should also posses the qualities that will command such Respect.

He who cannot respect another should not deserve a Respect.”

“I don dey talk about this for ages ,  I’ll always settle where I’m respected than loved , because most times , the sweet girl u used to know will be more aggressive, disrespectful , hate u , use mean & harsh  words on u , just because the emotions , love she used to feel for u vanished . But a natural respectful woman will always respect u regardless if she loves u or not .”

“So love and respect, work hand in hand, you can’t respect if you don’t love the person and you can’t love if you don’t respect the person,

The only time, you only respect but don’t love someone is if the person is your superior,(in secular or social level) your employer or superior, even when they abuse 🙄you, you still respect them, because you want something from them at the end of the month

But that’s not the same with husband and wife, they must have mutual respect, love and understand between each other, they both should be intentional about each other,and make things work, Moreover, the respect shouldn’t be demanded, instead it should be earned and reciprocated.”

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