Recently, Tacha sparked a lot of conversation on Twitter after she made a post that people believe was a clear shade at Mercy Eke.

This is coming after Tacha, known for her stint in Big Brother Niger, recently flaunted her new Range Rover in a video. This was no ordinary show-off; the video had a striking resemblance to one posted by Mercy Eke, previous winner of Big Brother Nigeria season Pepper dem, just three days earlier. Like Tacha, Mercy had also showcased a Range Rover car, calling it her Christmas present.

The similarities in these videos set the internet ablaze. Fans and onlookers soon started speculating. Some started that Tacha wa imitating Mercy. Some others stated that they were always in competition.

Things got interesting when Tacha tweeted, “But is she me?” This cryptic message fueled the fire, with many interpreting it as a direct swipe at Mercy, suggesting a rivalry.

Tacha’s tweet seemed to hint at a clear message: despite any comparisons, she is in a league of her own. This isn’t the first time Tacha has made a controversial statement.

Back in October, she turned heads by purchasing a Range Rover reportedly worth about 100 million Naira. She proudly shared this achievement on Instagram, highlighting that she didn’t need to sell her Benz to afford the new car. This move was a clear jab at celebrities who often sell their old cars to finance new purchases.

Tacha also recently, faced criticism for wearing a revealing two-piece outfit. Critics pointed out her cellulite, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone, questioning her choice to show off her body. But Tacha, never one to back down, fiercely responded, especially to a critic who called her out for indecent dressing. She retorted with confidence, emphasizing her financial independence and success.

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