Controversial Kenyan preacher, Anthony Kahura Mwangi popularly known as Pastor T has revealed that he is HIV-negative despite having s£x with HIV-positive women in the past.

The cleric claimed that the “Lord” preserved him but did not offer a substantial explanation for his belief.

Preaching in church, Pastor T said;

“That Christmas I went to the club Kukatokea Vita. I remember I was high and drunk. I messed up and slept with a lady. Later we buried that lady with HIV. I dated another lady and the same thing happened again. I was told the lady was dating a sugar daddy and again the man was sick and we buried that man.

“Later we went for group testing at a VCT and I turned out negative by the grace of God. How the Lord preserved me, I don’t know. There is a preservation in your life not because of your works but because of his grace.”

The preacher said he later got born again in February of the following year after the scary encounter. He married his wife Claudia Kabi Wahito at a church wedding in 2018. They have two children; a daughter and a son.

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