“This is beyond setting a record” – Comedian Woli Arole says as he announces plan to pray for 5000 hours

In a follow-up post, he announced that the venue and date of the pray-a-thon is set.

Nigerian comedian and actor, Woli Arole, has joined the current craze to break a Guinness World Record with his plan to set a new praying record.

He took to his Instagram page to announce his plan on Sunday, May 11. According to him, he wants to embark on a mission to pray for 5000 hours continuously to break the World Record for the longest praying time.

The 33-year-old comedian shared a flyer showing the details of the 208 days pray-a-thon with the caption,

“PRAY – A – THON…….

5000 hours……

It is doable….


Guinness Book of Record…”

In a follow-up post, he announced that the venue and date of the pray-a-thon is set.


This is beyond setting a RECORD.

This is to stir the heart of MEN to PRAY…

We PRAY until something Happens.

We are SET!!!!!!!…..”

See below,

This has been met with mixed reactions online, with many sharing their thoughts on the newfound obsession of Nigerians to break a Guinness world record.

Read some comments below,

@kinky_vee wrote, “Lmao.. must be a joke. It’s now a trend everyone is jumping on. 5000hrs? I’m sure Asaba Nollywood is currently doing a movie on the GWR trend. Nigerians ehnn”

@chy_wayers wrote, “I hope with all these trending jokes relating to GWR. The reputable organization may decide not to reckon with Nigerians going further because of how we ab*** privileges.”

@number_002 wrote, “They will soon disqualify Nigeria from participating in GWR. It’s all jokes and games till we understand it’s a respectable organizations you’re playing with. Smh”

@owambespicey wrote, “Feels like everyone is just trying to make a mockery of this GWR stuff….. well for me @hildabaci is the only valid person this year that will set any record…. Every other person is just joking.”

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