What Tiktoker, Ego said after I pleaded with her to delete the defamatory video” Eniola Badmus spills, vows to take her down

Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus has revealed more about her ongoing defamatory case with Tiktoker, Ego.

In a live interview with Daddy Freeze, Eniola Badmus revealed that when she reached out to the said lady via Direct Message, she told her to shut up, hence the arrest.

“When I reached out to her in her DM, pleading with her to take down the video and not rubbish her reputation, she told me to shut up.

And then I called my lawyer and submitted the petition”.

Eniola Badmus promised to make sure the lady goes down for defaming her character.

The movie star noted how she rarely replies people on social media, but for Ego, she would use everything in her power to bring her down.

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