Where Did Money Racketeers Get New Naira Notes? Comedian Akpororo Asks

Nigerian comedian, Akpororo, has lamented  about the scarcity of Naira notes in the country.

The comedian lamented via his Instagram account on Wednesday.

Akpororo said, “There is no cash. We are waiting for new Naira notes. New Naira notes have not circulated but money changers already have it and are changing money back to back. N700,000 for N1m new naira note. How did money changers have the notes? They need to investigate it. We are buying our money when it is not Dollars.”

People react on this post:

Everyday we complain about bad government but we are the ones contributing to bad governance

Today I went to get 5k from POS, I was charged 500 naira, suddenly another POS operator came and whispered to the one I was doing transaction with that he is charging 1k

Suddenly the POS operator i was doing transaction with said he will change the price to 1k for the next set of people

Then I realized POS operators and Bankers are using this situation to cash out because of greediness

“I just feel like trekking out of this country 🚶everyday struggle… Struggle to work, struggle to get fuel struggle to get our own money!!!!!!!!  Chai! We just keep adapting to this suffering and smiling without complaining. “😡

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