“Willian wait for Tottenham to decide”

Willian: “I was in London for two weeks, waiting,for Tottenham to decide because they were in a situation where Gareth Bale was in the process of leaving them to join Real Madrid. Liverpool were also interested.

I wasn’t sure about Chelsea. They’d shown interest but it wasn’t so firm at first. Chelsea came on the day I was going to sign the contract with Spurs. I was at Tottenham’s training ground to finalise the deal when the call came. My agent said to me, ‘Chelsea just called me and they want you’. I said, ‘OK, I want to go there!’. Then I left the training ground and went back to the hotel. It was a difficult situation because I’d agreed more or less to join Spurs. But in my mind was only Chelsea. Once the deal between Anzhi and Chelsea was agreed, I only wanted to go there. It was the best decision of my career.” 🔥

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