“You have no right to love your husband, it’s an error” – Prophetess Ijeoma

A Nigerian clergywoman, Prophetess Ijeoma Ezenekwe, stated that since it was not written in the Bible, women are not supposed to love their spouses.

In a viral video, she claimed that wives have no right to love their husbands since doing so is wrong.

According to her, men have the right to love their wives, but women should only marry those they can respect and submit to.

Ezenekwe admonished the female members of her church not to make statements like, ‘I cannot marry him because I don’t love him.’

The prophetess claimed that men need honor rather than love, thus women should focus on giving men the honor they deserve. According to the preacher, a woman submits to a guy because of his love for her.

Watch her speak

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